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  • ALASDAIR STUARTAlasdair started writing when he was nine, powered by a hefty diet of '80s cartoons, Doctor Who and Icepops. He's quite tired by this stage but has written a lot of things for a lot of people, including Fortean Times, Neo and Surreal.
  • MARK PEYTONMark Peyton – has a MA in History and Research from the University of Hull specialising in the Hundred Years War. In a complete departure from that he now runs communications and membership for a UK based Trade Union as well as being a part time writer/journalist. He is a founding member of Millarworld acting as a moderator and as an editor for Fractal Matter.
  • Russell HillmanRussell Hillman was born in London but now lives in Coventry. His hobbies include precious little. He doesn’t get out much, but thinks reading a lot of comics makes up for it. He’s wrong.
  • Ben Crofts Ben Crofts is resident in Essex, works in London and has found comics and philosophy mix surprisingly well.
  • Francis Davis a career drunk with a love of comics and movies, lives in and works for the City of Chicago. Confidentiality agreements prevent him from saying exactly what he does, but it is important.
  • John Davidson John Davidson Despite working in IT for the last 20 years and collecting comics for even longer, he is married, has two young daughters and lives in Scotland. Ideally he spends his spare time reading and watching movies, but this is curtailed by the calls of child-rearing and part-time study, not to mention the 'call of the internet'.
  • RossHaving recently finished a PhD in Immunology Ross is currently working for a UK biotech company. He lives in Cambridge where he reads comics, spends too much money on music and attempts to learn Portuguese. He owns at least 7 lightsabers, yet still manages to have a very attractive girlfriend who he misses very much, thus proving anything really is possible.
  •  SABRINASabrina Peyton- Newly migrated to the UK to be with her husband. After working for Diamond Comics for a short time she ended up immersed in a few comic book forums and ended up moderating two of the largest, the Warren Ellis Forum (WEF) and Mark Millar’s forum Millarworld). She’s written for Sequential Tart, The Vampirella Magazine, and is Editor in Chief of Fractal Matter.
  • Mo Ali Mo Ali was born in a haunted hospital and has exceeded all expectations and kept breathing. A digital artist, poet and writer, he needs to find some paid work before the inevitable apocalypse. To make matters worse he lives in Berkshire.
  • In 1999, Kristy Bratton teamed up with professional web designer VirginiaObeius to co-create the 'definitive source for Angel' website,, offering a fresh behind-the-scenes look at the series asnever before seen by its fans. In the course of the five years whichfollowed, Ms. Bratton wrote over 75 articles for CoA covering the gamut ofentertainment from conventions as the San Diego International Comic Con,London's Starfury events and Dragon*Con. Spotlight features on thecreative force of "Angel" included Joss Whedon, David Greenwalt, TimMinear and Marti Noxon. Highlight features on actors Andy Hallett, AmyAcker and Stephanie Romanov, plus Behind-the-Scenes features on makeupartist Dayne Johnson, set designer Stuart Blatt and stunt coordinator MikeMassa. Ms. Bratton's photography work has been published in the OfficialBuffy/Angel magazine by Titan. She has written for the Official StargateSG-1 magazine with features on Don S. Davis, Peter DeLuise and CarmenArgenziano. Her daily inspiration is the memory of her beloved, femaleyellow lab, Tobi who has a cameo in Tom Sniegoski's novel, "The Fallen:Leviathan."
  • Russell Sheath Russ Sheath is 33 and teaches at an FE College in North Devon. After a stint in the regular and reserve armed forces and helping a pal run a comic shop Russ decided he would become a comic celebrity stalker and has interviewed, amongst others, Todd McFarlane, J. Scott Campbell, Marc Silvestri and Tim Sale for Fractal Matter.
  • James's most recent book is The Virgin Film Guide: War Films. He has also written The Virgin Film Guide: Ridley Scott, The Virgin Film Guide: Coppola and The Virgin Film Guide: Animated Films, which was reissued as an updated edition in summer 2007.

    James has also written for the Channel 4 magazine Ten 4, Vertigo magazine, Empire magazine and The Guardian newspaper. He has also written The Pocket Essentials guides to the films of Steven Spielberg and The Pocket Essentials guide to the films of George Lucas and has contributed material to the Wallflower Press Critical Guide to North American Directors and the accompanying volume on British and Irish Directors. His work can also be seen in the very recently published Rough Guide: Film which was published in September 2007.

    As a scriptwriter James has worked on several animated series that have been in development and has also had three stageplays for young people commissioned and toured regionally in the UK. In 2002 he was longlisted as a producer by BAFTA for the short film category with the film Space Dance that was first broadcast on a major UK terrestrial channel.

    Whilst waiting for his next commissioned project to come through, James is currently at work on a novel, a screenplay and a stageplay based on a picture book. Alongside his writing, James teaches Film Studies at the University of Sussex in the UK. For more on James's work please visit

  • JAMES DODSWORTHJames Dodsworth - Born and raised in Yorkshire, residing in London since 2000, James has a Law Degree and works for the Anti-Financial Crime Office of a International Asset Management Company. He is a writer and editor for But his main claim to fame is living next to the pub where Shaun of the Dead was conceived.