Thought Bubble Festival

Sabrina Peyton chats with Lisa Wood and Tamsin Isles about the new Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds, comic books and art.


November Trailer Park

A quick look at trailers for November featuring, Southlandtales, I am Legend and Across the Universe


Countdown Breakdown Sept 2007

FractalMatter’s own Francis Davis takes a look at Countdown.


Dublin City Comic Convention 2007

Fractal Matter sat down with the event’s organiser, John Hendrick, to talk about this year’s Dublin City Comic Convention


Birmingham International Comic Show 2007

James Dodsworth attended the Birmingham International Comic Show that took place in October.




X-Men: Endangered Species

Following the funeral of a mutant Hank McCoy obsesses over the nature of the decimation of the mutants, he decides he will find the means to reverse the process, no matter what – even if it means selling his soul.


X-Men: 200-204: Blinded By The light

The arc sees the X-Men trying to help Rogue after the battle with the Hecatomb, whilst Cable deals with the devastated island of Providence.


X-Men Messiah Complex: Chapter 1

And so it begins…or rather it rewinds. The start of Marvel’s epic 13 chapter X-over is here. With echoes of classic crossovers like X-tinction Agenda and X-cutioner’s Song dancing on the wind and with Marc Silvestri on pencils, it’s like the 90s all over again, but is a reversion to it’s heyday enough to pull the ailing X-franchise out of the mire of mediocrity it finds itself in.


Criminal Volume 1: Coward

Ed Brubaker’s best work is done in the shadows, the grey areas where heroes and villains are replaced by people with power and people who want it. is arguably, his best work.


Hellblazer 234-237: Joyride

Love it or loathe it, the internet is here to stay and for every foul-mouthed screaming nutter, there tends to be a lot of more balanced people online. It’s from these people you find out about stories and titles you may not buy otherwise.


Marvel Zombies 2

The story opens as the now cosmic zombies face a new enemy: No food. They’ve literally scoffed their way across the universe, consuming people and planets alike




Adapted from Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess’ novel, it’s literate, funny, sweet natured and frequently very very funny. For the first time in a long time, the film’s slogan ‘The fairy tale that won’t behave’ is absolutely fitting.


Debrief:Spooks Series 6

The series starts off simply enough with Zaf (Jaffrey) undercover in Iran monitoring terrorist activity, Adam (Jones) conducting a work-ordered affair with the wife of the Iranian ambassador (And, it seems, a non-work-ordered affair with Ros) and the team preparing to eliminate an Iranian bomb maker on his way to London


Advanced Reviews

Archibald Saves Christmas

Psychologically scarred by the gruesome deaths and institutionalised as a result, Archibald’s five year stretch in a mental hospital has done nothing to improve his gloomy disposition.